5 Stomach Weight Loss Exercises

stomach weight loss exercises

Need a few ideas on how to get rid of the flab around your middle? Many people world wide desire flat stomachs. Keeping the routine fresh is a multimillion dollar industry. However you don’t have to spend a bucket of dollars to get stomach weight loss exercises that are effective. Firming the middle will also do wonders to reduce, even relieve, back pain.

5 Stomach Weight Loss Exercises

Below is a list of stomach weight loss exercises that can be done at home for absolutely no cost.

Mountain climbers as a Stomach Weight Loss Exercisestomach weight loss exercises

Mountain climbers are like running in place and doing push ups at the same time.

1. Place hands on the floor in front of you shoulder width apart. Tighten abdominal muscles and tuck in tail bone.

2. Bring right knee forward with foot planted just below chest. Left foot extended back with knee bent slightly to the floor.

3. In a scissor motion interchange position of legs quickly.

4. One Right and one Left equals one repetition. Start with 20 work your way to a daily 100.

Push ups as Stomach Weight Loss Exercises

Push ups requires the body to be held in a tight line and pivoting off either the knees or the toes.

1. Lie on the floor face down with hands placed directly under shoulder joints. Beginners use elbows out position. Advanced, bring the elbow closer to the body.stomach weight loss exercises

2. Curl toes under or bend legs up until ankles touch or can be crossed behind the buttocks.

3. Breath in on the push up and breath out when you let down. Start with twenty work your way towards a daily 100.

Double crunches as Stomach Weight Loss Exercise

Use Double crunches give more bang for the buck, more than a sit up and more than knees to chest.

1. Lay on back with knees at raised directly over hips.

2. Cross hands over chest or hold hands at the side of the head so elbows point towards knees.

3. Tighten stomach muscles and squeeze knees and chest/elbows towards each other. This one repetition.

4. Start with 20 and work towards a daily 100.

6 Inches

Using 6 Inches as a Stomach Weight Loss Exercise is going to tighten, flatten, and burn the fat around the muscles.

1. Lay on floor face upsrtomach weight loss exercises

2. Tuck hands into the space between the floor and the small of your back. Snug them down closer towards the tail bone. This is to support the back.

3. Raise the legs with the ankles together 6 inches off of the floor.

4. Hold  this position starting with 10-15 seconds. Work your way up to as long as you can hold it.

5. Add repetitions in between holds 5-10 at a time.

6. Aim for 1 minute or more hold time and 100 reps a day.

Stomach weight loss exercises don’t have to be costly, but can be fun. These exercises can be done anytime of the day. They can be done multiple times a day. The more you do these exercises the better the results.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!

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