Burn Fat Faster: Get Rid of Love Handles

Burn Fat Fast: Keep Your Motor Running

Burn fat faster Burn Fat Fast: Eating the right foods

You’re on a mission to burn fat faster but not be bored  or starve yourself while doing it.

You don’t want the same old routine same results. Diets that you have tried before just don’t deliver the results. Your best efforts can be thwarted by the very thing that is supposed to help. Your food.

Burn Fat fast: Get rid of those love handles

Burn Fat fast: Get rid of those love handles

Some times being on a diet means hours of prep time in the kitchen, unpleasant flavored replacement shake powders, and smelly oral supplements. That is unappealing, not flavorful, and you have to return to ‘normal’ eating. Instantly pounds gained. Hard work undone. Frustration and another pint of ice cream to dull the pain.

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Weight conscious individuals are always on the look out for something new, something modern, and something that will deliver the goods . The good news is there are several foods that can help you burn fat faster. The are tasty and readily available. Not just aid you to burn fat faster but to keep your metabolism revved up to continue burning off unwanted weight. There’s a secret to it.

Here’s the secret:

Eat specific foods and perform body working activity to correct and/or maintain good health.

Not exactly new but our food culture has significantly moved away from these ideas. The old ideas are not as prevalent. But health declining in each generation maybe it’s time to look at what our ancestors did to maintain health and weight.

I’m no chef but I want to cook the best meals that are of course also the most nutritious. Processed foods and foods loaded with all sorts of additives leave the metabolism all out of balance. In my opinion the food industry is in league with the pharmaceutical and medical industries to make us unhealthy as a capitalist maneuver. There’s money to be made in making us fat and sick, then the doctors charge us to visit and find out what is wrong. Then the physician will prescribe some minimally tested pill to burn fat fast.

Burn Fat Faster with Fat Fighting Foods

Burn Fat Fast: Fresh Spich salad and a yogurt based dressing, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese.

Burn Fat Fast: Fresh Spinach salad and a yogurt based dressing, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese. Don’t forget some thing crunchy like diced carrot

There are some foods that actually aid in either fat loss or low fat retention.  Add these foods to your diet or make them a focal point. Fat loss is quicker when you combine fat blocking and fat burning. Less fat in and more fat burned off produces a healthy, lean body.

Add Spinach and green vegetables to you menu. These foods promote good muscle health. Healthy muscles burn fat faster and calories more efficiently. Antioxidants promote faster cellular repair which needs energy.

Dairy products like yogurt and hard cheeses are low in fat and also burn fat. Have yogurt or frozen yogurt as a snack. Cube extra sharp cheddar cheese over a dinner salad(use plain yogurt and you favorite salad dressing seasons to make a creamy version). These foods help you to burn fat fast and promotes good bone health. Bone growth activity uses a lot of energy too.

Foods containing Capcaisin-ie Peppery or hot flavored foods. Jalapeno peppers, red pepper flakes, hot sauce and variety of ground spices have a chemical called capcaisin. This chemical gives the spicy, hot flavor and revs up the metabolism. If you are feeling sluggish, adding a little white pepper to a cup of coffee or cocoa will have warming effects. Add a few drops of ginseng for a boost. Your metabolism can burn fat fast and continue burning if it is constantly running. That’s why you see some super thin people are constantly eating, their metabolism is high they have to continually eat to maintain the speed.

Burn Fat Fast: Eating the right foods

Burn Fat Fast: Eating the right foods

Burn Fat Fast with Metabolic Cooking

A metabolic cookbook differs from a regular dieting cookbook in that it focuses on foods that are thermognic (some of the foods discussed above). These type of fat loss  cookbooks help you burn fat fast because all of the main foods used burn more calories than they deliver.

Burn Fat Fast with Aerobic Exercise and Spicy Foods

Burn Fat Fast with Aerobic Exercise and Spicy Foods

Basically, these “healthy fat loss” cookbooks use the wrong ingredients. They use ingredients that often encourage the body to store fat. The recipes are not  ‘optimized’ to burn fat fast.  This is not what you are looking for if you are trying to lose weight.

Burn Fat Faster with Aerobic Exercise

Calories that are not used are stored up in the body as fat. Raising the heart rate and breathing produces an aerobic condition in the body. When your body is in the aerobic state it burns stored fuel. Soft impact continuous motion activities that raise these rates increases your ability to burn fat fast. In the right condition the body can continue to burn stored calories even when you are asleep.

To gain the most benefit from aerobic exercise couple it with calorie reduction. For instance, if you reduce your calorie intake by 100 calories then do an activity/exercise that burns 200 calories

The Metabolism is the furnace of the body. It burns stored fat, incoming fat and in coming calories from other foods. If the body does not burn what it consumes, it results in pockets of stored fat. Burn fat fast by eating fat burning foods, choose metabolic revving recipes and exercises/activities. Burn fat fast and keep it off. Keep your motor running.

Have a Happy Healthy Day

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