Earth Day 2015: Eat Green

Eat gren and healthy Earth Day 2015 Eat Green and Honor Earth Day

Earth Day is today! 4.22.2015 Start a Plan to Eat Green

What a great day to consider eating greener and healthier. The greener you and your family eat the more healthy you and the planet will be. Consider starting a home food garden project.

April 22, 2015  is the 45th installment of Earth Day. We strive daily for ways to maintain the health of the planet and ourselves. Let’s combine the thoughts. Honor Earth Day 2015 by eating cleaner, greener, and more plant-based foods. Starting a lifestyle endeavor such as this is beneficial to the environment and our bodies. Eat green, stay lean, keep the earth clean.

Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. If your aim is being a cleaner, greener carnivore, make it a point to buy meat raised responsibly, and earth friendly.

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Support your local farmers and stores. Fresh vegetables delivered close to home are the freshest that you can get. It cuts down on the exhaust fumes from transportation to an from the source of the veggies. Grow your own food or support the local farmer’s market. You will consume less harmful chemicals and  additives. You can also look into co-op style agriculture groups and take advantage of local farm-to-establishment next time you buy or dine out.
Vegetarian or vegan meal plans- The more vegetables that are consumed the better for your health, and the health of the planet. Home grown or store bought vegetables leave a smaller ecological foot print than meat products. It takes far less non biodegradable material to make the packaging for the meat products or non fresh items. It also takes more ozone killing fuel to transport large animals and their by products.

Drink more water and bottle it at home. There are several on spigot filtration systems and eco friendly bottles. Stop buying bottled waters. Bottled water creates several eco problems like mountains of waste if you and your family increase water intake when start to eat green.

Eat Green Deliciously-Try This Metabolic Cookbook

Stop buying coffee on the go. Decrease waste from throw away Styrofoam cups. some establishments actually offer branded travel cups or mugs. Not only that drink more herbal based teas to improve health mood and metabolic functions.

When going shopping for items for you and your family to eat green always brings the reusable bags or the saved bags from the last few trips. Again reducing waste while making better food choices.  The cloth bags are far more durable anyway.

Earth Day 2015 Eat Green Starting today!

Start your Eat Green plan to honor Earth Day-Eat Green and Live Green

Here is an Earth Day inspired Recipe to get your eat green start.

Replenish Relish

After using the ingredients for this tasty medley, parts can be planted to start your own food supply in a few short weeks. Your plan to eat green can be supported by your own food garden. Use this tasty salad over other foods like a salad or grilled chicken breast (free range and hormone free of course)

* 4 medium Tomatoes Diced (Replant a few tomato seeds to keep a ready of supply of tomatoes in the future)

* 1 medium onion diced (cut the root part off and and place in dirt to start  an onion plant)

* 1 small to medium green pepper (use some red, orange and yellow peppers for color splash) ( again start some seeds use an old egg carton for a nursery)

* Several sprigs of fresh cilantro, absolutely love the smell of this herb. It just smells like the color green should-find herb garden kits to grow your own herbs at home. Adding fresh herbs can bring flavor and variety to any eat green menu.

* Some finely chopped garlic-same as with the onion cut the root portion off and plant to start growing fresh garlic to supply your eat green plan.

* Salt pepper-to taste

* Olive oil and lemon juice or favorite Italian dressing

Combine all of these ingredients in a a resealable jar or bowl. This is a great canning recipe. The relish can be eaten right away however the best flavor comes after sitting for 24 or more hours. You will find that it is one of the tastiest ways to eat green for life. Read more about Why You Should Eat Green

Try other fruit or vegetable combinations and replant their seeds or cuttings. Before long you won’t be spending so much money on gas to get to the store, packing for stuff you buy from the store, and of course the stuff that you would have bought at the store. Create a greenhouse setting if you can and all of this can be grown year around. Creating an eat green/ live green sustainable lifestyle for you and your family. Inspirational, Funny and Wise Earth Day Quotes

Earth Day while celebrated once a year, should be a daily action. Eat green as a way of life not just once a year for earth day. Live green habitually because every little thing done to preserve your environment and family healthy shows in time.

Have a Happy and Healthy day.

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