Fermented Foods – 5 Natural Probiotics,

Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods – Nature’s answer to good health and digestion.

For the past few years the preponderance of probiotic food items has suggested that people are once again discovering the benefits. Fermented foods deliver very high levels of probiotics. Before the advent of chilled food storage, the solution to the problem was drying, smoking, salting and fermenting. Several items that are consumed daily are actually fermented. Coffee being one of them.

Fermented foods-Kefir, Drink to your health

Kefir can best be described as sort of a liquid yogurt. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that has the consistency and flavoring that is commonly present in yogurt but little tangier.  Kefir like many other fermented items can easily be made at home. Kefir itself is very good for you however as dietary issues have risen, it is apparent that prepackaged food does not deliver the same benefit as a fresh and homemade item. An additional benefit of making your own Kefir is that you are able to control the flavor and consistency to as you like.

Homemade Kefir

Fermented foods-Chocolate, Not just for sadness

Chocolate is one of those daily items that is derived from a fermentation process. Chocolate has been recognized as having health benefits in many categories. Dark Chocolate is beneficial for the flavonoids.

Fermented Foods

Cocoa beans like coffee beans need to go through a fermentation process to unleash the chocolate flavor. Probably one of the tastiest fermented foods

Chocolate in general also triggers endorphin effects to elevate mood. Considering its beginning in fermentation it also delivers digestive benefits too.

Fermented foods-Coffee, Wake up and smell the benefits.

Fermentation in coffee refers to the microbial reaction of yeasts and bacteria breaking down the sugars in mucilage. This process produces acids which will later add complexity and depth to a coffee.

Fermented Foods

Beautiful ripe coffee beans must go through a fermentation process to unlock the taste we associate as the taste of coffee

This reaction has been studied and developed in coffee-growing regions everywhere, and great care is taken to understand and master this process. Producers utilize a wide variety of methods to control or enhance fermentation in their coffees. Some processing methods are stylistic, while others are executed out of necessity due to lack of resources such as water.

Fermented foods-Sauerkraut, Kimchi Tangy Digestive Adjusters

Fermented vegetables are very popular. Korea has built a tradition around it with Kimchi. Kimchi is a very spicy fermented cabbage dish. Traditional Kimchi is kept in large ‘farms or gardens’ of large clay jars. Some families have a whole day activity surrounding the making of that year’s kimchi and having it either buried or placed in a giant jar to commence the fermentation process. Kimchi has the added benefit of the the red pepper paste to boost the metabolism.

A favorite on hot dogs at the barbeque, sauerkraut continues to be a favorite but had little notoriety for its health benefits. Both sauerkraut and kimchi can be used as a condiment but sauerkraut has been used often as the main dish.

Fermented foods-Pickles, Not just a garnish

Common store bought pickles usually cannot boast probiotic properties. However, a process called natural lacto-fermentation, commonly found with sauerkraut and traditional sour pickles, packs in the probiotic punch.

Fermented Foods

Natural fermentation can turn garnish into healthy goodness–Make your own fermented foods

Mainstream brands of these items have been heated so high that natural bacteria does not survive and therefore does have the same beneficial benefits. The brine pickled vegetables also lose their probiotic benefits because the salt destroys bacterial properties. Plant a garden then make your own fermented vegetables.

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