Flu Symptoms or Cold Symptoms

flu symptoms, common cold, cold symptoms, flu shots Is it the Flu or the Common Cold?


Flu symptoms or cold symptoms? that’s the main topic when the weather turns colder. Sniffles, chills, every available hour spent rolled up in a blanket but what is it? Influenza or the common Cold?

Flu symptoms and indicators of the common cold are very similar and often require a medical opinion to gain a more accurate diagnosis.

Flu Symptoms vs Cold Symptoms

flu symptoms, cold symptoms, how to ged rid of a cold, influenza, flu shots

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1. While cold symptoms and flu symptoms seem alike, the speed at which the symptoms is felt can help tell the difference. Flu symptoms tend to attack rapidly. One minute you have just a little cough by the end of the day your symptoms have set.

2. Flu Symptoms also are very intense once they hit. That mild cough is now very heavy and a whole box of tissue has been used for the runny nose. Colds tend to produce more a stuffy nose ,  ear aches and sinus upset.

3. Fatigue or lack of energy being present is also a credible sign of an influenza attack. Every time you move you feel like you are dragging yourself.

4. This muscle soreness can be acutely experienced in the throat region. Sore throat inside with sore throat muscles are more a flu symptom than a cold symptom

5 Flu symptoms also include a strong headache almost never happening with a cold.

6. Fever is also far more prevalent in bouts of flu than the  cold. Fevers tend to be on the high side (100’s) and last for up to four or five days.

Treatment of the common cold and the flu symptoms are  different. The best way so far to get rid of a common cold unfortunately is bearing it out with home remedies or over the counter relief for the symptoms that are more troublesome. Decongestants  or mint tea can help with the stuffy nose.

Treating flu symptoms however demands medical care. Influenza is no illness to ignore.  A medical professional will prescribe an antiviral medication that is most effective within 24-48 hrs of onset of symptoms of the flu. Influenza is of an infectious nature and must be treated with medication.  Several people fall victim to an unchecked influenza contamination yearly. contemporary times have flu shots administered on a regular basis to avoid contracting the infection. Many local pharmacies hold seasonal flu shot clinics.

Beyond treatment of flu symptoms or the common cold is prevention.  Both the flu and common cold are very avoidable. Good hygiene  sis the best method for the prevention of both conditions. The following chart can help you prevent both  flu  symptoms and common cold symptoms.

How to Beat  Flu Symptoms and the Common Cold


1. Avoid Close contact-Stay away from others as much as possible when they or you are sick

2. Stay Home-When at all possible contain the sickness by not even leaving the house or by not going to work.

flu symptoms, cold symptoms, common cold, how to get rid of a cold

Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing—a Sneeze can propel germs across the room with amazing speed

3. Cover Mouth and Nose during sneezing and coughing-Saliva heavy with germ can be propelled from the nose or mouth at approximately 50-60 miles per hour.  What that means is sneezing and coughing are the most efficient methods for an illness to spread, so cover up.

4.Wash Hands frequently Germ transfer happens most often when they are deposited on  objects that are extremely common to everyone.  Frequent hand washing will break the germ cycle and keep you healthier in the long run.

5. Avoid touching , mouth and eyes when sick-Mucus carries germs in the same manner saliva (spit) does.  you touch a sick eye or nose you have gather sick germs to your hand, and if haven’t washed or sanitized recently–You can transfer the illness to those around you.

6. Practice other Good Habits–Illness prevention begins with a system that is less susceptible to illness from the start. Adequate rest activity and nutrition keep the body in a condition less likely to fall victim to the current bug.

7. Wipe hard surfaces off with a sanitizer or alcohol-Especially if you have to use shared equipment.

flu symptoms, cold symptoms, how to get rid of flu

Frequent  gets germs gone, wash hands after every bathroom visit, sneeze, cough-sanitize objects around you to avoid accidental flu or cold contamination


Avoid others who are sick, practice good hygiene, and wipe equipment down to break germ cycle. Increase your Vitamin C and Water intake to boost immune system and flush out system impurities. Be aware of others as soon as you see sniffle or cough be cautious.

An old adage states: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Stay Healthy my friends.


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