How to Grow Taller Naturally?

How to Grow Taller Naturally?

We all have wishes of achieving a certain look. Many of us look to lose weight, some of us want longer hair, and others just wish that they could be a few inches taller. Growing taller is actually possible through some simple practices and habits. In this article, we will look over ways to grow taller naturally using diet and exercise. At the conclusion of this article, we will also discuss a few simple ways to make yourself appear taller using clothing of certain colors, patterns and styles. This means that there are ways to get taller that are totally achievable through natural methods and don’t require any form of chemical treatment or surgery. With these tips on how to get taller, you can expect a growth of up to 3 inches without spending a dime on painful or time consuming services. These methods are all quick and simple. Most only require conscientious decision making on your behalf to nourish the body in appropriately.

Considerations for Youth Looking for Ways to Get Taller Fast

There are a few things that you should consider before starting your journey. Are you a teenager or preteen? If so, chances are that you are still going through puberty. Even adults in their twenties are still possibly going through a growth phase. It is imperative that you exercise and eat healthy during this time period so that your body functions and grows to its potential. During this time in your life, your body is producing large amounts of human growth hormone (HGH) and is growing at an astounding rate. You do not want to ruin this by going on crash diets, taking up unhealthy habits (think vices such as drink or smoking- even caffeine consumption) and you most definitely don’t want to pull all nighters. Not sleeping enough stunts not only body functions but also height growth. Know that there are biological factors involved with height. This means that genetics play a role in how tall you are and how tall you can be. While you still want to talk to your doctor about any long term treatments or practices if you are significantly shorter than you should be, you will find these natural methods useful in your quest for height.

Ways to Get Taller with a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet consists of proteins from white meats, soy, dairy and nuts. Protein helps our bodies create and maintain healthy muscles and bone growth. Protein is arguably the most important thing you should be consuming for body growth because of its repairing qualities and most of our body relies on protein to be built and maintained. You should avoid consuming simple carbohydrates such as pizza, candies, chips, sodas and cakes as much as possible. These have no nutritional value which means if your diet largely consists of these things, you will be unintentionally stunting your growth and body functions. Eat plenty of calcium. Calcium rich foods include: leafy veggies (spinach, kale and collards); yogurt (yogurt is also rich in protein) and milk (including veggie or nut milks such as soy). Healthy eating is the most important step to take when growing taller naturally. Diet has such a profound effect on the body and the way that you look and feel. Whenever you wish to change your body, healthy diet needs to be the first thing that you implement.

How to Get Taller Fast Using Vitamins and Minerals


Some studies suggest that zinc deficiency leads to stunted growth. Zinc can be found in pumpkin/squash seeds, peanuts, seafood (mainly oysters and crab) and lamb.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D causes bone and muscles growth in children. Vitamin D deficient people are generally a lot heavier and a lot shorter than others. Healthy sources of vitamin D are: fish, sun exposure, alfalfa and mushrooms. Yes you read that correctly. Exposing yourself to the sun for 20-30 minutes a day helps the body absorb vitamin D which leads to stronger muscles and bones without having to get painful treatments or surgeries.

Growing Taller Naturally with Exercise

Exercise and be active for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. This helps work the bones and promote the body to release human growth hormone which help you get taller, slimmer and stronger. Adequate sleep is vital to body growth. While you are in bed fast asleep, your body is repairing muscles and using up the healthy nutrients that you consumed to nourish your brain and organs. Lengthening exercises include hanging from a pull-up bar and stretching exercises such as yoga. Stretching helps relax and space out the spine and even align the spine- good posture makes you look a lot taller as well. If you walk around with your back slouched you probably look anywhere between 3-5 inches shorter than you really are. Stand up straight, shoulders back and chest up. No curved spines or hunched backs. Good posture is also better for your insides and prevents back problems in the long run. Posture is one of the best and most simple ways to get taller naturally.

Clothing for Looking Taller

There are a few key tips you can use to make yourself look taller in the clothing department. You can wear:

  • Dark colors. Blue, black or deep forest green.
  • Heels or boots.
  • Clothes that fit well- not baggy over-sized clothing.
  • Vertical Stripes.

One of the vital factors of height is genetics. Our bodies are designed to look and function a certain way by the time we are conceived. This means that your eyes are brown, or you have dark skin or freckles because of genetics. Genetics are often dismissed when it comes to health (especially obesity) because we generally think we can override them. This is not to say that just because both parents are short that you will be short and there is nothing you can do about it, but rather to say that we are who we are on a cellular level. It goes deeper than topical treatments and lifestyle changes.

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