Fruit & Honey, Yum: Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes from Honey and Fruit

fruit and honey

5 Interesting and

Healthy Recipes for Fruit and Honey


Fruit and Honey are found freely in nature. No added colors, preservatives, or chemical alterations. Fruit and honey combined deliver natural sweetness, fiber, high flavor with low caloric intake, as well as health and beauty benefits. Most healthy recipes on can be saved for long periods of time. This article will show you 5 easy ways to incorporate fresh fruit and honey with your life. Some ideas are for remedies, some for health and beauty , some for nutrition and entertainment.


Seasonal fruits can be made into a compote and then stored to be enjoyed later.

Compote french for mixture, mix it up when fruits are in season

Compote is the french word for mixture, in what ever language one of the tastiest healthy recipes in the world. Healthy recipes that are Delicious and nutritious are always good. Low in calories, low in fat, high in carbohydrates delivered by natural sugars. Refreshing and versatile. Choose different fruits and spices to get different flavor experiences.

Exotic Compote

Make a delicious and exotic compote, for this healthy recipe you will need:
2 Apples of choice
2 Pears of choice
1 medium Mango
1 cup Honey (or more to taste)
2 cups water
¼ teaspoon of finely chopped vanilla bean or ⅛ teaspoon of pure Vanilla extract
A dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger
Combine all ingredients into a heavy saucepan and simmer until syrup produced is desired consistency. An alternative method, place in ceramic baking dish, in oven at 375 degrees. Bake until desired syrup consistency. Let either method stand for about an hour before serving. Serve warm with sweet bread or chilled over Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Healthy Recipes for Masks

The acids from the mashed/pureed fruit combined with honey create soothing and effective healthy recipes for face/skin masks. These masks can be used anywhere. Most often you find masks designed for the face. Something a little different, here is a healthy recipe for a foot mask

Fresh Foot Mask

Strawberries are stronger and will help soften very hard skin

When your feet feel great you feel great. Try this refreshing exfoliating foot mask

To make this healthy recipe, these ingredients will be needed:

1 cup Lemon Juice-fresh or concentrate
½ cup of Honey
2 tablespoons essential Mint oil
3 cups Finely ground sugar

*substitute pureed strawberry for skin that is thick and scaly. The salicylic acid will soften the hard dry skin, switch back to lemon juice when skin starts looking like normal skin again.

*substitute coarse ground sugar for thick, scaly dry issues, change to fine ground when the problem area starts looking like normal skin again

Combine Lemon Juice, Honey, and Mint Oil in a plastic or non porous resealable container. Mix thoroughly until mixture begins to froth. Add sugar to form a paste. Apply exfoliating mask to feet and place in plastic bags for 10-15 minutes. Remove bags and begin light to vigorous scrubbing in circular motions until all skin on feet has been scrubbed. Rinse with warm water still using scrubbing motions. Pat dry and apply healthy recipe Homemade foot softening cream

Citrus and Honey

Honey plus Citrus equals Sore Throat Relief

Dry cough, allergy irritation? Drinking some of this soother made with ginger water will do wonders

Fresh citrus juice and honey have been included in healthy recipes for sore throats, congestion and weight loss a very long time. When researching commercial remedies it can be seen that many remedies are honey and/or lemon flavored. Sure not quite the same as actually containing the ingredient but you can see the reference to old time remedy in new world commercial products . The soothing effect of honey combined with the clarifying effect of the citric acid has been the aid to many fall and winter seasonal illness sufferers.

Homemade Cough Suppressant/Sore Throat Healthy Recipe

Coughing and Sore Throats can be soothed with a warm healthy recipe beverage made of:

For Cough Suppressant, Fresh squeezed lemon juice with equal parts honey.
For sore throat soother, add ⅓ Lemon Juice with ⅔ Honey
Add boiling water equal to the amount of lemon /honey concoction.
Pour yourself a generous portion and drink while still warm
*For added benefits use water boiled with fresh ginger root in this healthy recipe–ginger root water has a warming effect.The longer the water is simmered with the ginger the stronger the ginger water, and therefore increasing the spicy flavor and warmth of the throat soother.

Home Brewed Beverages Healthy Recipe

Combine Honey and Water and Relax after Hours

Rich Honey color and taste, after dinner cordial

Are you a home brewer? Great, then you will love this healthy recipe. Honey Mead has been around for centuries. In past days honey was combined with water and then fermented to produce a sweet adult beverage. Meads that are fermented the longest present with a warm rich amber color.

Want a healthy Recipe to Make Mead?


In the case of this healthy recipe, consider it an all fruit instead of jam, no gelling agent will be used. This will be fruit and honey.

Raspberry All Fruit(Jam)

For this recipe you will need:

1 pound of raspberry
½ Peel from a large orange grated very fine
1 cup of raw Honey
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 pinch of salt
2 pinches of cinnamon
1 cup of water

Make an All Fruit From Any fruit of your choosing

Tasty on toasted english muffins

Combine all healthy recipe ingredients in a large sauce pan. Bring to a boil. Lower heat to a high simmer until reduced by half ( the liquid will thicken and half the contents are left in the pot). Bring to a low simmer until, spoon inserted in mixture comes out coated with an opaque layer of fruit sauce. You should not be able to see any silver through the coating at all. If you still see silver it is not thick enough. Once mixture reaches consistency, remove from heat. At this point, scraping the mixture into containers for saving is best as the mixture will thicken more as it sets. Pouring melted paraffin over the top of mixture after it has cooled down (recommend cooling in refrigerator with lids loosely applied, to cool faster, and reduce contamination from illness causing organisms), will preserve the jam for longer periods of time. NOTE- Do not tightly seal jar /container before it has cooled. The chance of creating a contaminated product and not a healthy recipe increases. If intentions are to put this healthy recipe away for stocking purposes, an additional step is required. For any container-recommend using canning jar for long storage-being kept longer than a month, un-refrigerated, they must be sterilized in a boiling water bath.

You will need a pot large enough the submerge all of the jars you place in the pot. Doesn’t matter how big the pot is, if the jars are submerged (completely covered by water). Bring the water to a heavy boil, place as many jars in the pot as will fit and be completely under water. Let containers stay in pot for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove jars carefully if more jars are going to be boiled or remove pot from heat. Let jars cool for one hour before placing in storage cellar. Remember to pour in paraffin before the final hot water bath. Enjoy this healthy recipe over toasted bread!

These easy and fun healthy recipes and ideas for fruit and honey add fruit fiber and natural sugars to you diet. Eating, living, and thinking healthy is a way of life. Check back for the home made Vanilla Ice cream and Foot Softener healthy recipe.

Have a Happy Healthy Day

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