Healthy Snacking: Ditch the Junk Food

Healthy snacking can be delicious and visually appealing. Healthy snacking can be delicious and visually appealing.

Snacking if used properly can abate hunger without packing on the pounds. For many when the urge to eat hits them they immediately reach for a quick and quite often unhealthy junk as a snack. Replace your normal snacking with healthy snacking to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Healthy snacking is also a very good  method to curb hunger when losing weight. Often when trying to lose weight reducing calories is the response. Studies have show that this actually leads to retention of fat and there conducive to unhealthy and unwanted weight gain.

Ditch the junk food in favor of healthy snacking. When choosing items for healthy snacking keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. Healthy Snacking is snacking not a meal
  2. Healthy Snacking is for hunger not boredom
  3. Healthy Snacking should burn calories
  4. Healthy Snacking should be interesting and full of flavor
  5. Healthy Snacking will smooth out blood sugar levels
  6. Healthy snacking is crucial to a healthy lifestyle
  7. Healthy snacking is the way it is not an option

Healthy snacking should be a part of your everyday living. Like any idea that needs to be rooted, you have to be diligent in your practice. Studies have shown that it takes roughly 21 days to ingrain a habit good or bad. For about a month you may have to make some effort to stay disciplined about your implementation.

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Staying fed in between meals with healthy snacks will cause less eating when a meal is served . That is because you are no longer starving by the time a meal occurs. Consume less calories when consuming major meals by making healthy snacking choice through the day.

Healthy Snacking Menu

The following list is a suggestion (strongly) of foods that should always be your Healthy snacking menu. One category of foods is highly recommended to be included in every healthy snack and all healthy meals. Read the list to find out which category.

  1.  Fruits – Fruit dried or fresh is best but canned will do the trick if that is what is available. Use fruit raw as a healthy snack to get fiber, water, and sweetness. Fruit is chock full of vitamins and nutrition.
  2. Vegetables – Vegetables like fruit are best fresh and raw. Cooking vegetables too long can destroy the much needed nutrients.
  3. Seed Nuts – Seed Nuts used for healthy snacks delivers much needed proteins and fatty acids. Substitute nuts for meats. Meat passes through the digestive system very slowly. Often causing drowsiness.
  4. Yogurt – Yogurt, like some other dairy products are a very good healthy snacks because it actually has compounds that break down fat molecules. Making losing weight tasty as well as a good source of calcium for strengthening bones.
  5. Hard Cheese – Hard cheeses like cheddar and asiago, work just like the yogurt does. Burn fat and strengthen bones. Also less like to upset those who are lactose intolerant.
  6. Soup – Soup being composed mostly of water is still one of the best healthy snack choices. Load the soup with healthy snacking veggies will multiply healthy weight loss and blood sugar levels
  7. Nut and/or grain Crackers and Bread – Whole grain breads are very filling and taste good. They work well as a healthy snack because it combines several other categories of healthy food into one package.
  8. Whole Grain Cereals – Cereal is quick. Cereal was designed to deliver your daily nutrients in one convenient serving. Granola, shredded wheat varieties are very good to maintain a full feeling.

This next list item is discussed by itself because it could be any food from any category. These foods do something amazing. All of the above foods have something in common with each other and not with this category. All of the above healthy snacking suggest deliver calories to your daily menu. Where the next category takes calories form our daily diet.

Thermogenic Foods

Thermogenic food actually burns way more calories than they deliver. Quite often these thermogenic foods are from the vegetable category as well. The cruciferous vegetables(crunchy) take more energy to chew than the actual food gives. This is the most beneficial of all the food categories. Why?

Thermogenic food also burns stored calories as well as any incoming calories. A double whammy healthy snacking choice. Try cut up veggies and a dip with yogurt base the base.

Added bonus crunchy foods satisfy the body’s need to chew keeping you from over eating searching for comfort.

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Have a Happy Healthy Day!

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