How to Detox from Alcohol

how to detox from alcohol Having a problem, or just want to detox form alcohol. Try this approach

How to Detox from Alcohol:

A three pronged Approach to Natural Alcohol Detoxification


How to Detox from Alcohol using Overhydration

Drinking water and electrolytes is a very inexpensive and effective method for detoxing from alcohol.  After alcohol has traveled through your system it absorbs molecules of water and continues to be intoxicating long after after consumption. If alcohol use has been and habitual detoxing with water will take several days to several weeks. Continuous intake of water will literally flush the alcohol ions from the blood through dilution.  the alcohol effect becomes so diluted that it no longer has an intoxicating effect. Likewise the  extra amounts of water wash these loose ions out much faster, lessening the withdrawal effect. Use lemon in the water to boost the clarifying effects of the water.

how to detox from alcohol

Water, cranberry juice and electrolytes to flood the bloodstream and flush the alcohol out

The greatest stumbling block to detoxing form alcohol is the withdrawal time period. During withdrawal, especially if alcohol consumption was heavy, the body tells itself that it really misses and needs alcohol because the alcohol that is already in the system is looking for more alcohol to combine with. In the absence of more alcohol, the loose ions hijack the body’s water supply and starts remaking alcohol. Often, this leaves one feeling still inebriated many hours after consumption. In some one who uses alcohol habitually and heavily will operate as if not inebriated after prolonged use and are more likely to have severe withdrawal symptoms. Flush, Flush, Flush with lots of water and electrolytes if dehydration has gotten drastic


How to Detox from Alcohol using Exercise

Exercise can burn off calories consumed by alcohol as well as rev up the metabolism to sweat out the loose alcohol ions.  The main focus when trying to detox from any drug is to reduce the concentration of that substance in the bloodstream thereby reducing the body’s reaction to the substance.

Alcohol like any other chemical or drug is only as good as the concentration. Exercise like water pushes the foreign substance from the body with speed. This too requires nothing more of you but your time and determination.

how to detox from alcohol

Sweat and urine carry many impurities from the body.

In the event that you are a heaving imbiber, concentrate on exercises that produce lots and lots of sweat. sweat is vehicle for  passing excess and foreign chemicals from the body. Be forewarned, the sweat out techniques is not very pleasant to the senses. alcohol when secreted both in urine and sweat has a very pungent odor. But this a good thing, the more you smell like alcohol from the outside the les alcohol there is in your system, the point of your detox endeavors.

How to Detox from Alcohol using Behavioral/Psychological Modification

Often after long periods of time, drinking alcohol becomes an ingrained behaviour and mental attitude. Changing how you think, feel and react to the thought of alcohol is key in  effective and complete alcohol detoxification.

Some have a drink at a certain time, with a certain person, when nervous, scared etc..the alcohol is the psycho crutch. When you learn to redirect your psychology, away from alcohol and other addictive substances, in conjunction with the flush through exercise and overhydration , the brain begins to not crave the substance as much. Over time the complete reconditioning of the brain psychology and your response to your world will bring about an effective and lasting detox.

There are groups to help those who have problems with alcohol, mentally detox. Many clinical psychologists are able to assist with reconditioning the brain during physical detox.  It often very difficult to mentally detox from alcohol at the same time that you physically detox and requires an outside influence like a support group, supportive family or friend, or clinician trained to help walk you through detox. as difficult as simultaneous detox is, it is a must. It is a fruitless endeavor to try to one then then the other. If you have physically detoxed with out mental reconditioning the brain will always crave the drug interactions. If you mentally detox without physically detoxing the body will still suffer the effects of the loose ions and continue to crave the alcohol.

how to detox from alcohol

Talk with a professional or support group about the need to drink and find methods for reconditioning the brain to achieve an effective and lasting detox

The craving can only be abated by taking nature of the craving away (why you want it) and the object(alcohol).

How to Detox from Alcohol using Nutrition

As the body gets rid of the alcohol it will need vitamins and minerals and general good nutrition to aid the body through the withdrawal process. The body may suffer through fatigue during detox due to the exercise and the release of toxins that have become incorporated in the blood.

Bad chemicals often take the place of good chemicals when they enter the body and thus when they are flushed out the good chemicals need to take their rightful places. Eating well and taking a multivitamin can put much needed good chemicals back into the blood to fill the holes left behind by the now expelled alcohol ions.

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