How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally – Four Simple Steps to a Bigger Bust Fast

how to get bigger breasts naturally fast

There are no surprise that women with smaller breasts are searching for ways to make them bigger without having to undergo costly and potentially harmful surgery. Having fuller, larger breasts can bring out a more feminine softer side that woman all over strive for. The question is how does one get bigger breasts naturally? The answer to your question can be answered a number of ways so please allow me to give you some of the most well known ways to enhance your breast size naturally with very little cost to you and in as little as 20 to 30 minutes a day.
People tend to be more enthusiastic about things they know. The more you understand about a topic the more likely you are to involve yourself more in that subject so before we get into the purpose of this article which is getting bigger breasts naturally let’s first look into why it is that some woman have smaller breasts.

Why do I have smaller breasts?

Our overall body shape and physique is maintained by different hormones. Shapes and sizes of different parts of our bodies are controlled by hundreds or even thousands of different hormones present in human body. The most common reason for women for having smaller breasts is lack of essential hormones estrogen and testosterone which are responsible for growth and development of breasts. Other common reasons for women to have smaller breasts include: hormonal imbalance, depression, stress, thyroid issues, lack of essential vitamins, poor diet, genetics, and the use of certain drugs. Keep in mind that the breast consists of fatty tissue and lack of certain vitamins and nutrients can also be a hindrance in their proper growth during puberty and thereafter. Yes the major growth of breasts happens during puberty but experts say a woman’s body remains under continuous changes even after puberty so it’s just a myth that one can’t make her breasts grow bigger after 20.
Now that we have an understanding of why some women have smaller breasts let’s take a look at how we can get bigger breasts naturally.

Can Exercising Increase my Breast Size?

bigger breasts exercise

The answer is no exercising does not increase your breast size but exercising certain muscles can make your breasts appear fuller. For starters if you slim and shape your core (muscles around your waist and ribs) this will make your breasts appear larger, but what you should focus your attentions on is your upper pectoral muscles keep in mind not all exercise will increase the look of your breast the lower pecks will actually decrease your bust size be careful what area you are working or you could actually achieve the opposite of what you are working towards. The following is a list of exercises that work the upper pectoral muscles:


Strengthen the pectoral muscles that are located below the breasts. You can do sets of ten to start two or three times a day to start increase as needed until you reach the desired outcome.

push ups for bigger breasts

• Start in the prone position place your stomach on the floor and your hands directly below your shoulders.
• Slowly push your body away from the floor until your arms are straight
• Lower yourself to the ground just inches from the floor and repeat

Wall press:

This is a version of the push-up and works your upper arms and pectoral muscles. You can do sets of ten wall presses to start and increase as you like once you become comfortable with the process.

wall press exercise for breast enlargement

• Pick a spot that gives you about two feet from you to wall
• Place the palms of your hands directly against the wall making sure your arms are stretched straight lean toward the wall bending your elbows
• make sure your feet stay grounded
• Straighten out and repeat


Dumbbells can be used in many workout applications but for the purpose of this topic we are going to concentrate on how to use the dumbbell to increase the appearance of your breast.

Dumbbells for bigger breasts

• Laying on your back
• Hold dumbbells in your hands and rest them at your thighs.
• with palms facing down lift the dumbbells in the air straight arms bent slightly
• Raise the dumbbells above your head and then lower them slowly to your sides and start again

Does Diet affect Breast Size?

Yes of course diet can affect your breast size. When we lose weight that lost weight is distributed all over we will lose the weight on our arms, legs, stomach, and our breasts. When we gain weight we also gain in these areas. So if you are not weight conscious eat the food you love even increase the amount you eat you will see the difference in the size of your breast in a matter of time.

breast enlargement diet
For those of you wanting to increase your breast size with diet the following are foods that you are going to want to add to your menu:

• Milk
• Eggs
• Peanut butter
• Flax seeds
• Lean fish
• Chicken
• Nuts
• Sugars and sweets
• Papaya

Think protein. Protein is proven to make your breasts grow!

For those of you that are on the move not a problem there is something for you as well. You can mix papaya juice and milk daily this mixture provides nutrients and vitamins that can increase your bust size if you are faithful to it every day.
An alternative to changing your daily diet taking natural female health supplements and herbs could help you achieve your goal of increasing your breasts size as well. When taking this into consideration hormones should always be a last resort, try all natural supplements and ask questions before you start taking them.

Can I make my breast Larger with Massage?

Massage has a long history and is effective for multiple purposes which is why it has been used over many years to treat different ailments and restore the bodies wellness. Breast massage is a topic among many and has been known to not only aid in the growth of breast size but if done properly it can also improve their shape and overall look. For those of you who are wondering how massage can increase breasts size, there is no magic. What massage does is increase the production of essential hormones that are responsible for proper growth and nourishment of the breast itself. With breast massage, you increase the blood flow to your breasts that in turns helps them to get more phytoestrogens from blood, which stimulates growth.

Massaging your breast:

breast enhancement massage

Before you start massaging you should think about weather or not you would like to use moisturizer. It is not necessary more a personal choice. There are many natural breast creams that you can apply or you can choose your favorite massage oil there is no wrong choice whatever you prefer will be right for you. With or without massage cream rub your hand together making them warm to the touch before you begin.
Start massaging by placing your hands on your breasts, and begin to gently rub inwards with a circular motion. Make sure that your right hand moves clockwise, and your left hand moves counter-clockwise. Continue massaging your breasts in this motion for approximately 100 to 300 rubs. Massage firmly making sure it is not to firm if you become soar you are going to need to be slightly more gentile listen to what your body is telling you. Massage this way regularly and your body will respond and start producing prolactin which is the hormone responsible for the growth of breasts during puberty.

Can I Make my Breast Appear Bigger?

There are many different ways to effectively make your breasts appear larger.

how to make breasts appear bigger

• The most effective way to make your breast look bigger is by wearing a fitted bra. If your bra is too small your breast will look small if it is too big your breast will not have enough lift. The most effective way to make your breast appear bigger is simply making sure your bra is a perfect fit for you.

• Padded bras add volume to your breast

• Push up bras are wonderful for pushing in and up giving you a nice full cleavage

• Bra stuffers can be placed under your breast to push up your cleavage

• It is common knowledge that dark colors are slimming. If you want to make your chest appear larger it is best to stay away from the dark colors and gravitate towards something lighter

• Wear clothes with details. Something Lace, ruffles, and add some jewellery. Detail draws the eyes attention and your breast will appear larger.

• Stay away from loose fitting clothing that falls away from your body you will be hiding the curves you want to show.

• Tailored clothing may be costly at times but this investment will accentuate your bust nicely

In conclusion

This detailed article have given you the information needed to learn how to get bigger boobs naturally fast. You have learned how exercising specific target areas can enhance the look of your breast, how making small and simple changes to your diet can enlarge your breast naturally, you were given step by step instructions on breasts massage techniques that are effective in stimulating breast growth, and shown creative ways of creating the illusion of larger breasts. It is this authors hope that you take this information and make it your own. You can start a meal plan, start exercising, start noticing what clothing accentuates your breast, and lastly start noticing how your body will respond to all of the above.

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