How to Get Rid of Hives

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How to Get Rid of Hives Raised red itchy welts, Hives!

Sometimes individuals have a reaction to a substance that causes an allergic reaction. Sometimes the reactions shows on the skin. One of the most common skin reactions is hives. Hives are a raised area of skin that can look like a large rash to a welt. Quite often hives are accompanied by itching and burning as well the area feeling like it is heated. Here are a few ideas on How to Get Rid of Hives. If you are prone to allergic reactions check out the environment ideas.

How to Get Rid of Hives: Over the counter products
How to Get Rid of Hives

Apply hydrocortisone cream to itchy areas

1. Cortisone creams are great for immediate relief of inflamed itching skin. The steroid compounds calms inflamed tissue.

2. Calamine Lotion has long been used as a topical treatment for allergic reactions from bug bites to poison ivy. Generously apply to affected area. Use cool water when washing lotion off of affected area.

3. Anti-allergy medicines sold over the counter can help reduce the reaction. Any of these products contain antihistamines which block the body’s response to an allergen and thereby blocking an impending reaction.

How to Get Rid of Hives: Home Remedies

1. Oatmeal paste made form oatmeal and warm water can be applied to the affected area to soothe irritated skin cells. Oatmeal has been recommended for a very long time as a remedy. So much so that many commercial product are based on oatmeal as an ingredient.

How to Get Rid of Hives

Apply oatmeal paste to irritated skin

2. Ground oatmeal added to bath water offers the colloidal attention as the paste but for all over body reactions. Make sure water is warm to cool, warm at frost to unlock the oatmeal’s thickening properties.

3. Combine Honey with ground mint, basil and thyme to make an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin soothing gelee. After grinding the herbs blend with honey and a little water to make loose to combine. Apply to affected area, cover for 15 minutes and then irrigate with fresh cool water.

How to Get Rid of Hives

Fresh herbs combined with honey leaves ski smooth and soothed

How to Get Rid of Hives: Environment

1. Be aware of detergents and skin cleansers. Quite often the ingredients in skin products and things that go next to the skin are not compatible with body chemistry causing hives to appear. Many products offer a sensitive variety. Test this product on a sensitive but out of sight area. This is so that if you should have a reaction it won’t cause any embarrassment. Recommended , a dot of product on the area directly behind jaw and ear lobe. A dot, to again reduce any affected area if a reaction should occur. If you are going to react it will most likely happen rather quickly. However leave on covered with a bandage for 24 hours to be sure and monitor for another 24 to be extra sure. You don’t want your eyes to swell shut because you didn’t do good research.

2. Be conscious of what you eat. If it is suspect ask what are the ingredients. Many a peanut sensitive people have inadvertently brought about their own anaphylactic condition by not knowing that peanuts were used in the dish. While hives are a relatively mild reaction to an allergen some reactions can be far more serious in those who are particularly sensitive.

3. Flush with water inside and outside. Shower with cool water to reduce inflammation on skin. Do not use soaps or detergents as you are trying wash away reactants not add more. And, drink plenty of fresh water to get allergic components removed from the blood stream.

4. Sometimes stress can cause the skin to hive. Much like other skin disorders, the body can make the skin to become raised itchy and welted. In those situations the quickest method to reduce the welts is to calm down. Relax and use a cool shower to retard the skin’s reaction.

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