How to Treat a Sore Throat Fast Naturally?

How to treat a sore throat Without Medication

How to treat a sore throat at home

The general sore throat is relatively easy to fix with a home remedy. Whether due to allergies or illness every one has suffered an annoying sore throat, a scratchy throat, or a pesky dry cough. The following suggestions are tried and true methods for solving the problem of sore throat.

 Get lots and lots of water

Treat a Sore throat with snuggly warmth

Treat a Sore throat with snuggly warmth

Some sore throat conditions are due to dehydration. The skins cells are drying out and getting irritated.

When figuring out how to treat a sore throat top of the list should be Water. The recommended daily adult intake is 64-75 ounces. Never less than a half a gallon and a variable according to current situation.

Get plenty of vitamin C. Vitamin C is truly effective way to treat sore throats. It is healthy and your body already needs plenty of it, so it’s not a bad idea to get a little extra vitamin C into your diet.

  • For the most part fruits are the forerunners for Vitamin C content: Cut some of these fruits in to cubes and keep refrigerated. The coolness of the fruit will aid with reducing inflammation in the esophageal tissue. Some fruits to consider are cantaloupe, citrus, kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, green and red peppers, sweet and white potatoes, tomatoes, and squash.

How to Treat a sore throat with Warm Liquids

Warm and hydration is what warm liquids deliver. The additives give extra healing or soothing properties. This will get throat back into normal condition as soon as possible


How to treat a sore throat with Salt Water: Gargle!

How to treat a sore throat with Salt Water: Gargle!

Soothe your throat and get much needed nutrition with delicious soup. Very hot beverages can further irritate throat, so let it cool down before you eat it.

Drink honey-lemon water. Honey and lemon combined in warm water soothes and stimulates the throat . This brings about cell repair.

Gargle with salt water. Mix up a solution of warm salt water to gargle. The salt has properties to kill germs, exfoliate the throat. This has been the most common natural treatment of sore throat for generations.

Get plenty of rest.

Treat a sore throat with lots of rest

Treat a sore throat with lots of rest

Many ailments, including sore throat can remedied by getting adequate or more sleep. When the body does not get enough rest the body can not regenerate properly. Cellular regeneration is a big part of healing. New cells are needed to replace old, damaged, or ill cells. This process is impeded if the person does not get enough down time. Also, during a time of healing the body requires large amounts of energy therefore more rest is required.

Stay warm. Keeping the body warm aids in the healing process. The body spends more time repairing and not to heat up. If the body feels a significant enough temperature change it will expend energy to warm up. This is energy needed to assist repair.  Wrap a scarf around the neck area to focus warmth to the affected areas as well.

No need to take over the counter remedies for the average sore. Consult your physician on how to treat a sore throat that persists or worsens. A sore throat with an elevated body temperature is a sign of significant illness and also should be discussed with a doctor

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