Lose Weight as a Family

lose weight as a family

Chances are you or someone you know are fat, overweight, or sporting a middle. Nearly two-thirds of adults and a little more than a third of children weigh more than they should. Most people want to know how to lose weight fast. However the emphasis should be not on losing weight fast but on lifestyle changes that will melt off the pounds and keep them off. This is especially true for families with weight problems and children. Bad habits whereas food is concerned can be learned and then carried from childhood to adulthood. Having a  good nutritional foundation is the key to weight loss. Losing weight should not be a quick fix but rather a lifestyle endeavor to remain a healthy weight.

The family is the most powerful influence on a child’s perspective and understanding of weight loss/gain, health, and food choices. One fun and effective method for a family to use to lose weight fast is to make a game of it. Set up competition goals towards losing weight or becoming healthy for the family/group as a whole.

Using play is one of simplest ways that important concepts are delivered to children. Fun as a concept delivery can be utilized for improving anyone’s, not just kid’s, health and food attitudes. Using a game or sport to affect fitness cast the parent(s) as a role model and coach for the family as a team.

Children are more likely to have positive attitudes towards exercises and eating right if it is promoted as a group effort and cast in a positive light. When choosing an activity or group of activities to promote healthy weight loss or maintenance, keep it fun and doable. But don’t forget to include a level of challenge. This will impact the activity with a sense of progress and accomplishment. This affects motivation which then affects results.

Maintain the interest of the participants by posting a chart or progress report. Being able to see even incremental changes and progress made towards intended goal will boost confidence. The confidence will be the foundation for the motivation needed to lose weight and stay healthy.

Trying to lose weight or stay healthy as a family has lasting effects. These effects will make it almost unnecessary to think about how to lose weight. The body will be in fitness so no need to be concerned about losing weight.

Here’s a list of activities to try as a family to lose weight or maintain healthy weight.

1. Jumping rope never goes out of style. Many gyms use jumping rope to increase aerobic activity to lose weight. Children can use a standard child’s rope while the adult can acquire a special weighted rope.

jumping rope for weight loss

2. A game of twister is hilarious but it contributes strength, flexibility and coordination (think color coordinated yoga). This game is especially helpful when teaching children such things as topics like colors and left from right. Yoga has gained popularity as a method of losing weight and increasing strength and flexibility. ShapeShifter Yoga is a complete step by step program for those who want to lose weight and tone up their mind and body. I reviewed this program to reveal what this program is all about, read it here: ShapeShifter Yoga Review.

3. Push up challenge: How many can every one do and can you improve by next family fitness night? Being able to move your own body weight with no effort is a sign of good fitness. Push ups build core muscles, as well as shoulder and back muscles. For women this is an excellent way to gain upper body strength without weights. Push ups can be used to gain strength and weight loss with very low impact to joints.

family push up challenge

Family Push-up Challenge

4. Obstacle course. This is a great idea for indoor and out. Include obstacles that require going from high to low and the reverse. For example, walk across this log and then crawl under this table, then do forward roll. This will mimic interval training as well teach children about sequence and following directions. Several popular exercise programs incorporate interval training for maintaining or losing weight. Interval training keeps the body in working mode. The body doesn’t have to experience a plateau when losing weight.

Start a family fitness night or family Olympics to keep the family healthy and entertained together. Having a support system increases results when trying to lose weight or attain a healthy lifestyle. Having the whole family make it a priority together gives a built in support system. Hula hoop anyone?

Have a happy healthy day.

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