Lose Weight Naturally: 40 Easy Ideas #2

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Lose Weight Naturally: 40 Simple and Quick Ideas Pt 2 of 4

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Just about every one knows what is involve in losing weight: Consume less calories, burn off the calories you are already storing. However, most diets and weight-loss concepts don’t do as they have promoted or don’t work at all. These 10 actionable ideas will make it easy for you to shed pounds quickly.

11. Try losing weight with color therapy. Did you ever wonder why certain restaurants have a red, yellow, or bright colored theme? Those colors influence how you eat. They make you eat more. In eating studies it has been found that the color blue inhibits eating. Try blue plates and eating smaller portions at the same time.

12. Eating studies have shown decreased eating when in front of a mirror. Set a mirror on the table and watch yourself. You will see what it is that you do not want. You will see yourself actively reduce eating to attain it.

13. Think you need a treadmill? Think again. Lose weight naturally and economically by walking up and down stairs will do the same. Use the stairs on purpose where ever there are stairs. The CDC has reported weight losses of 10-20 pounds in a year’s time.

Upstairs, Downstairs--Who needs fancy equipment?

Upstairs, Downstairs–Who needs fancy equipment?

14. One easy way to lose weight naturally is to get up and move. Watching a movie? Get up every hour to move around. Double the benefit with healthy snacks.

15.Lose weight naturally with 1 hour daily movement. Moving for more than 60 minutes daily will produce fat burning results. Burn 3500 calories in a week and a pound is lost naturally.

16. Choose products where sugar is not a main ingredient, i.e. any item listed in the first 5 ingredients. Sugar in general is not bad for you. Too much refined sugar can have metabolism destroying results. Use products with lowered sugar. Stay away from chemical sugars. They also reek havoc on the body.

17. Interrupt your eating. Studies have found placing your utensils down between bites lowers food intake and produces a steady natural weight loss. Many people eat on automatic. Stopping to pause allows the stomach and brain to process that it is full. Tell a joke or story.

18. Lose weight naturally by changing your state of mind. Discard wardrobe items that represent your ‘fat’ self. Embrace your self as is, and the self that you will become. If you allow yourself to think you will be ‘fat’ again, your success rate will suffer because of mind set.

19. Stay out of the kitchen after dinner. Clean it up. Close it up. No entering the kitchen for anything more than a glass of water or piece of fruit. Omitting late night snacking can lead to approximately 30 pounds natural weight loss in a year.

Cut off your source.  You are less likely to go and eat if kitchen looks dark and uninviting. Ok, let's do something else!

Cut off your source. You are less likely to go and eat if kitchen looks dark and uninviting. Ok, let’s do something else!

20. Lose weight naturally try to take a walk after you eat a meal. Walking after meals will serve a few purposes. A 30 min walk will aid digestion and work off stored fuel. This is a great activity for boosting metabolism.

Try any one or all of these simple and easy ways to lose weight without starving. Watch TV without packing on the pounds.


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