Many Skin Conditions Can Be Avoided

Skin Conditions from the Nuisance to the Life threatening can be avoid with simple every day measures. Environment, Nutrition, and Care : The largest organ the body has needs special care.

Did you know that the largest organ in the body is on the body? The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the first line of defense against diseases. Many more skin ailments are popping up with current times seeing pollution and environmental conditions causing many. Skin health is very important for overall body health. Billions of dollars each year are spent on anti aging and skin health products.

Many skin conditions can be attributed to environmental factors or poor nutrition. Below are a few situations that can cause skin conditions ranging from the nuisance to life threatening.

Sun Exposure

Many skin Conditions can be avoided with simple every measures.

Sun is good for the skin but too much can lead to dryness, and premature aging.

The skin needs plenty of sunshine. However, too much sun exposure causes several skin conditions. The skin can become dried out. Too much of certain categories of ultra-violet rays can even cause skin cancers. While skin tones high in melanin have less risk of skin conditions involving cancer they are susceptible just the same.
Many fair skinned people increase their risk of sun related skin conditions from a tanning. A healthy dose of sunlight will produce a browning effect however over tanning can cause the skin to prematurely age. Over dry skin is more prone to wrinkling and skin breaks due to accidents.
Going into the sun is not bad by itself. Going out during the hours of 11 am and 3pm will increase poor skin health. If spending more than an hour or two in the sun is unavoidable be sensible and drink plenty of water and apply the highest sunscreen available.

Skin and Hair Vitamins

Skin Conditions from the Nuisance to the Life threatening can be avoid with simple every day measures

Keep skin Healthy from the inside as well as the outside

Nowadays, there are vitamin combinations that are specifically for skin and hair health. Adding a vitamin supplement will improve and maintain the skin’s health from the inside out.

B vitamins are especially helpful in cell regeneration. Certain forms of dermatitis are associated with deficiencies of the B vitamins. Deficiencies in B-12 particularly affect neuron function and cell division.

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E are the main components of many skin supplements. The majority of skin helpful nutrients can be acquired through eating more vegetables and fruits. The added benefit of consuming these vitamins is also youthfulness of skin. The texture, appearance and resilience are improved when these nutrients are present in the diet.

Use a multi-vitamin, work with a nutritionist or create a diet high in vegetables to get your skin nutrients. Trying to take the supplements as individual vitamins can cause its own brand of problems.

Topical Skin Conditioners

Skin Conditions from the Nuisance to the Life threatening can be avoided with simple every day measures.

Lotions and creams keep the skin moisturized. Many are loaded with skin benefiting vitamins.

Skin also needs a certain level of topical application of skin conditioners. The most common is lotions and creams loaded with the same vitamins recommend for consumption.

Lotions have high contents of water. Skin creams tend to be thicker to lock in moisturizer. Different climates and seasons call for different topical conditioners. Living in an area that getting year around sun and high temperatures would not only call for a lotion or cream with moisture but also a a sunscreen. Having a product that contains moisture, vitamins and blocks harmful UV rays will prevent or correct many skin conditions.

A simple approach to skin health should include:

* A balanced nutrient rich diet including more vegetables

* A Positive, stress free personal environment. Stress contributes to many inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.

* Quitting Smoking – If you are a smoker the face shows pre-mature aging around the eyes and mouth. The chemicals inhaled imbalance the blood chemistry. As well as drying of the skin around the face and neck. It stains teeth, causes bad breath and the smell lingers in hair and clothes.

* Using a sunscreen and avoiding the times of day that have damaging UV effects

Many skin Conditions can be avoided with simple every measures.

Water provides hydration from the inside, couple with a nutrient rich skin cream for the most benefit

* Increase your fluid, particularly water, intake. Dehydration affects the skin and the hair. Leaving both brittle and damaged.

Good Skin health should be as important as the health of other body parts. Having healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body in the overall

Have a Happy and Healthy Day.

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