Natural Weight Loss – 5 Good Habits

Easy Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss-5 Easy Natural Ways to Lose Weight What can you do to gain healthy natural weight loss? Is there an easy way to lose weight naturally?

5 Good Habits for Healthy

Natural Weight Loss

We are creatures of habit.

We wake up, hit the alarm and hit auto-pilot…

You have breakfast. You brush your teeth. You get dressed. You go to work. You come home. You go to bed.

Then you do it all over again the next day.

Eating and exercising – gaining weight or losing weight are a product of Habit. Habits are basically ingrained routines that run on autopilot. The more often you perform an action, the more inclined you are repeat that action by habit. Some scientific studies show that it only takes 21 days of repeated behavior for a human to form a Habit.

Why Not use Habit to your advantage.

Break a bad habit by replacing with a good habit. The Choice is yours!

Break a bad habit by replacing with a good habit. The Choice is yours!

Creating good habits help you achieve your goals quicker and easier. Putting energy into something that is not good for you is likewise not sensible. Habit is a two edged sword, your bad habits helped you gain excess potentially health damaging weight. However, your good habits can be used to maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

Ok, time to find out a few things. Let’s take a self survey. To Know Thy self, is to Love Thy self!

Here’s the first thing you should figure out—

What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food?

Is it:

– Are You an Over Eater?
– Are You a Binge Eater
– Are you a Grazer/Snacker?

What is Your Food Weakness? Identifying when, how, and why you eat will render positive results.

What is Your Food Weakness? Identifying when, how, and why you eat will render positive results.

– Are You a boredom-buster-fridge raider?
– Opening the ice-cream and eating it ALL!

Those are you basic BAD eating habits. These bad habits are on automatic because you’ve repeated it numerous times.

You do these bad actions every day without thinking. Here’s the problem they are making you miserable. Why continue to be miserable when you have the answers right in front of you?

If you can identify your biggest weakness when it comes to how and why you are not losing weight, you’re off to a great start. You’ve faced a very large obstacle in exposing your weakness and taking responsibility to change it. This is crucial when it comes to losing weight naturally, steadily and keeping it off for a lifetime.

I had a friend who was a terrible night time eater.

Repeatedly raiding the fridge and cupboards at all hours of the night. First it was a couple of cookies then , a small bag of chips, and more and more as the night progressed. It was especially so when boredom set in while watching tv or playing on the internet.

She finally came to realize, she didn’t need the food. She wasn’t hungry. She was only eating out of habit and heavy doses of boredom.
Once she realized she was just acting on automatic, she changed her routine to change her habit. Recognizing your food weakness is very important in losing weight naturally.
As you are determining your food weakness, also take note what is happening with you that triggers you towards your food weakness. Your actions and mentality contribute to healthy weight loss naturally.

What is your weakness?

What is your Achilles heel?

Isolate it.

Zone in on it.

Replace the bad habit with a good habit designed to contribute to your healthy

natural weight loss


Replace bad habits with GOOD habits. Lose weight naturally. Healthy, Simple Weight Loss and Maintenance . Positive Lifestyle changes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Replace bad habits with GOOD habits. Lose weight naturally. Healthy, Simple Weight Loss and Maintenance . Positive Lifestyle changes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Change your thoughts and change your actions.
For instance, if you get bored, and start towards the kitchen cupboards, turn around and do 10 jumping jacks. Do this for every time you are bored and start to the refrigerator. After approximately a month’s worth of time, You will automatically do what ever you have trained yourself to do rather than go to the fridge and snack. This type of reprogramming produces dramatic and immediate results. For every calorie you would have put into your mouth, you expended a calorie. After 3500 calories expended without replacement, you have burned a pound of body fuel. 1 pound beating boredom and binge eating with just jumping jacks. It doesn’t get easier than that.

We are creatures of habit–Use what you’ve got to get what you want.

Use your habit forming nature to create habits that contribute to healthy natural weight loss.Try something off of this Good Habit Replacement List for natural weight loss.

Replace a bad habit with one of these 5 good habits

1. Drink a glass of water–you get to consume and fill your tummy without extra calories.
2. Snack on negative calorie foods–Carrots and other hard vegetables in raw form produce a calorie burn effect that is greater than the calories they provide. Oral fixation answered, taste answered, no calories answered, natural weight loss answered. Win-win-win-win situation!
3. Go for a walk

Walk instead of Eat

Walk instead of Eat

or do jumping jacks or some form of physical activity until you get winded. Follow up with a glass of water, cranberry or apple juice. Doing physical activity immediately changes the mind’s focus and burns calories that you did not consume.
4. Change location. You might find that you get bored easier, have a tendency to want to eat if you are in certain areas of the house. If sitting in the kitchen keeps eating constantly on your mind, do not sit in the kitchen or dining room. Do not eat in other areas of the houses so as to not mentally contaminate your reprogramming.

You are Not Hungry-Do Ten Jumping Jacks

Program yourself to NOT Eat

5. Tell your self out loud-“You are not hungry, find something constructive to do, now!” And, then listen and do something else.


natural weight loss

takes active participation until you have trained yourself into healthy physical, nutritional, and mental habits. After you have conditioned yourself to make different choices regarding your healthy weight loss, You go back on automatic. Now, automatically, and naturally you maintain or lose weight.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day.

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