Natural Weight Loss: 9 Healthy Diet Hacks

natural weight loss

Natural Weight Loss:

9 Healthy Diet Hacks

It is sometimes a struggle towards Natural Weight Loss or to keep up a healthy weight with poor nutrition and hectic schedules.  These healthy diet hacks can aid in losing weight naturally. Often weight management issues revolve around proper metabolic function.  Today’s foods and schedules do not give to healthy weight and cause the metabolism to malfunction.

Along with the malfunctioning metabolism are several bad attempts to diet away the weight. However this creates a very drastic and negative effect: more weight is gained!  Wait a minute, I thought diets made you lose weight.

Theoretically, a diet is supposed to help you lose weight. However, if you do not  properly find out the nature of the weight gain the diet will backfire. The real solution is to not actually diet but to  incorporate a healthy eating lifestyle that is conducive to natural weight loss or healthy weight management

The following healthy diet hacks are very easy to use and add to your daily routine.

Natural Weight Loss: 9 Healthy Diet Hacks


1. Drink water when you wake up and when you go to bed–gets everything flowing in the morning and helps support moisture overnight. Blood that is not thin enough moves through the veins like a sludge. This places undue stress on the heart to pump the blood through the veins. Sodas and juices don’t count because of the impurities of the mixture. The body needs fresh water daily. A good determinant of how much water to consume daily is to take your weight and divide it by two. Go to the next number up if equalling a half. That number shows how many ounces of water needed daily. Ex: Weight= 200 pounds divide by 2 equalling 100, This person should drink a minimum of 100 ounces of water daily.

2. Add lemon juice to you plain water through out the day-lemon juice has a clarifying and cleansing effect. Cranberry juice and lemon juice have a cleansing effect on the kidneys and liver. Good liver function and kidney function are important when getting metabolism functions healthy or trying natural weight loss techniques. Dark urine tells of overloads of impurities. Some of these impurities cause metabolic dysfunction or an unfortunate ability to attract more fat molecules.

3. Eat several smaller meals throughout the day and not three large meals–snacking is not taboo provided you snack/eat something  with health benefits. For instance, most crunchy vegetables actually create a negative calorie effect when consumed. Because they are so crunchy and fibrous, they actually burn more calories than they deliver. Try an updated version of a lettuce wrap: if you will make it a sandwich wrap it in a few large lettuce leaves like a burrito and enjoy. The purpose of eating frequent is to stabilize blood sugar to keep from feeling hungry and regulate metabolic functions. Author Favorite: If I’m putting it on a salad, I’m putting it in a lettuce wrap!

4. Drink 8 oz water before you eat-this will help fill in air pockets around the food you eat and serve to make you feel fuller. When eating solid foods air pockets form between bites of chewed food. Drinking water about a half hour before eating will deliver a full sensation. Often eating ceases sooner than usual because you feel full faster.

5. Drink a warm tea (beverage) after you eat, especially the evening meal-Warm liquids will aid in digestion. The more fats in your food the more necessary to drink a hot beverage after meal. The slower fat molecule move through he body the more calories  absorbed into the body. With that said, solid fat molecules will sit in your digestive system longer than liquefied ones. Combine this hack with the next and nothing will stick to your ribs!

6. Choose a whole grain cereal as your evening to late evening snack-This hack is most beneficial because of the fiber and its effect to the waste system regulation. When high fiber (Author Favorite: Frosted wheat minis) is the snack just before bedtime, the first thing you do when you get up each morning is move the bowels. This particular hack reduces the chances of miles of backed up fecal matter as well as get digestive and metabolic systems a little more in sync.

7. A multivitamin a day keeps bad health away. If your diet is like the average on the go person , you are eating on the run and most likely not very healthy ingredients. A multivitamin can satisfy the metabolism’s hunger for real nutrients not just calories. The metabolism suffers when the basic nutrients needed to work are not delivered. The body then goes in to a deficient state. This cause further disruption to weight loss and weight management. A multivitamin delivers when correcting or maintaining metabolic function or considering natural weight loss techniques.

8. Take a walk after your last meal of the day.This will aid in digestion and prime the metabolic system to support a high level of operation even while you are asleep.

9. Do not eat or drink directly out of a container. If you order chinese food, serve yourself some food to a plate. If y ou are snacking take some chips out of the bag and put them in a bowl or bag. It is harder to see when you are overeating if you are eating out of the master container. Also, the brain believes that the container is the serving size and will cause you to keep eating until clean your plate.

Healthy diet hacks are simple and easy to use. Once they added into your lifestyle, you’ll feel better, and look better. Come back for more healthy hack. If you have a hack that you would like to suggest please feel free to send information to the author.

Have a happy and healthy day.

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