The Venus Factor Review – Does it Really Work?

Does the venus factor work?

the venus factor reviews

What is Venus Factor?

Video Venus Factor Review

Venus Factor is a weight loss system that is designed just for women. This, along with other products, has recognized that women and men lose weight very differently. Read more details on their website.

Venus Factor focuses on the chemical Leptin. Men and women both make and use Leptin. Women, however, over time don’t process it as well as men do.

When the body makes adequate leptin, the body burns fat (stored and incoming) and the metabolism is in good regulatory form. However when the level is low, the body feels it is going to be going without food for awhile. In response, the body retains fats and the metabolism slows down considerably. This allows the body to store up fuel for an upcoming lean time.

Women naturally have nearly twice as much Leptin as men, but because they don’t process it well it builds up and the body becomes leptin resistant. This tricks the body into thinking it is not getting fed enough. Then to get rid of the extra weight your body is storing, You diet. Dieting causes the leptin levels to drop nearly twice as fast and low as normal leptin use. Causing rapid and significant weight gain compounding previous weight gain.

The Venus Factor system:

Venus factor is conveniently digitally packaged, no need to wait for a delivery. The package includes:

  • 1 Nutrition/Diet Manual in PDF
  • 1 Workout/Activity Manual in PDF
  • Calorie and Body Management Software
  • 100+ Workout Videos
  • Venus Factor Social Community Membership
Does the venus factor really work?

The Venus Factor Review


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The Venus Factor weight loss program causes something called metabolic override. This metabolic override revs up the metabolism, turns the signal that says you still need to eat off, and balances leptin levels. No cravings, no over eating, and consistent results with recommended use. Virtual Nutritionist software is available to help make healthy eating choices.

Weight loss is individual. It would not be fair to compare individual results or expect exactly the same. Leptin levels and natural metabolic functions make each case unique. However, keep these thoughts in mind when choosing this or any other diet supplement, lose weight steadily and consistently. Rapid weight loss causes the body to have unhealthy reactions. Better to lose slow and steady.

Venus Factor does away with fad dieting, rapid dieting, starving yourself, and being unhealthy and overweight.

A good goal to aim for is lose 1-2 pounds a week on average. However, this is what will happen from the start, you will lose weight fairly rapidly until levels of leptin balance out and the metabolism stabilizes. Another pleasant side effect is actually needing to eat to keep the metabolism going at a healthy speed. This is great for chasing after two small children. A higher metabolism burns more fuel and takes food to maintain a good speed. Watch this video for more details.

See what other women are saying about Venus Factor Weight Loss Program.

The Venus Factor Reviews:

It took roughly eight weeks to lose almost 35 pounds, averaging about 4 pounds a week. Energy levels are increased. Metabolic rate is increased. Eating is no longer the enemy, not that it ever was. This is definitely a recommendable weight loss system.

Anica Mosley-Moxley, mother of 2 year old twins—34.7 pounds/8 weeks

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